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I’ve finally been to Vejle, or Las Vejle.  I didn’t have the need to travel to other cities when I was living in my hometown, Bacau .  Anyhow, Denmark and this kind of independence  are changing me a lot.

This time we had a purpose : to see the famous building waves and shopping.  I was again with my friend from Poland, who is always accepting my spontaneous and crazy ideas. We had travelled by train and we were in the middle of nowhere by the time we got there. We started to stop people on the street and ask them for directions, in order to get to those buildings and the harbour. The sun was strongly burning our skin and we tried to hide from it. Who knew that in a couple of hours everything would turn upside down?  The weather had changed, while we were hypnotized by clothes, accessories,shoes and handsome danish boys. I needed the seventh pair of shorts, but I couldn’t find something nice, so I bought instead a swimsuit, tops, pink shorts, flats, sandals, accessories and so on.  I will take some photos of how I improved my wardrobe. My friend and I went back home at 6 o’clock.

I really enjoyed being there and hopefully I will go one more time before moving to Lyon.

Ps: I’m starting to feel more and more wistful, but all for the best!DSC_0901 copy


aDSC_0412 copy

DSC_0360 copy


DSC_0404 copy

DSC_0407 copy

DSC_0411 copy

DSC_0416 copy

DSC_0417 copy

DSC_0426 copy

DSC_0430 copy

DSC_0432 copy

DSC_0438 copy

DSC_0445 copy

DSC_0460 copy

DSC_0464 copy

DSC_0466 copy




DSC_0126 (2) copy


DSC_0199 (2)

DSC_0223 (2)

DSC_0144 (2) copy

DSC_0148 copy

DSC_0243 (2)


DSC_0993 copy

DSC_0154 copy


I deserved that!


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