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¬†I can finally ¬†say that ‘this city never sleeps’. I went to a concert on Saturday and it was a blast. There were many bands singing, but also some dancers. The main artists that came were Muri & Mario ( This song is very popular in Denmark)¬†¬†) and Kristoffer Rahbek (¬†¬†) . People came especially… Continue reading Ungrock

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Moulin Rouge is back

This semester came almost to an end and ¬†my university is throwing a party on each semester, as I’ve informed you before. See previous post about Army Party¬†¬†. ¬†DSR was in charge of everything. On their facebook page was created a poll with 3 ¬†themes: Moulin Rouge, Begger and I can’t remember the last one.… Continue reading Moulin Rouge is back