Valentine’s day

Oh, it’s February the month of love. You get easily distracted by red color and hearts.  Bullshits. Do you want to know what I think about it? OK, you can call me ‘ hater’.  You don’t have to agree with me, but somehow I believe in my thoughts.What’s the meaning of Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s day was an opportunity for pure lovers, but now it has lost its magic. Why? The usage of the word ‘ love’ is almost meaningless to some of us. Moreover, people perceive this day more like a commercial hype.  When you love someone,  you love him/her everyday and with the same ‘quantity’ of love.  If you want to be romantic with your partner more than never, you can choose any day of those 365 days of the year. I find it more lovely, to be suddenly  surprised  than to wait for V-day and expect something. It’s like you force yourself to do something that binds you, not because your heart tells you to do so. You buy presents such as : chocolate hearts, roses, pillow hearts, jewellery or whatsoever. You don’t need these things in order to say or to hear those magic words like ‘ I love you’ .

People don’t want to spend the day alone and find themselves under a lot of social pressure to find themselves a date for Valentine’s Day. That is why the 14 th of February is a another reason to party. There are two types of parties. The first category involves those who are madly in love and those who are willing to find ‘their best match’. It goes without saying that their perfect place should look like a fairytale. On the other side, we find those who are ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day’. They organize a party, where they will probably get drunk and then get laid with an unknown person. Most single people would probably avoid going out on this day because it may be very hard for one to even get a space, where couples aren’t around you.

I’m not in any position to judge, so I will let the romantic air to absorb me.

Dear lovers ( of fashion and … love ) , enjoy your V-day with your special one or do something nice for your own.



vvv ahha







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