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Special winter

It has been a long time since I stopped writing on my blog.I’ve been very busy lately because I had exams and then I had to prepare my luggage for going back in Romania.Of course that I had some traps on the way, but I met awesome people: one chinese girl, who lives in my town and we want to keep in touch, one african man whose mom lives in Romania and one girl from Paris.I wanted to be sure that I will be on time at the airport so, I arrived there with 4 hours before the flight.It was a real adventure the stopover at Prague, but I easily made it.During the flight I met two men, who had seen the snow for the first time in their life.

I can’t describe the feeling of being home.I missed my small room ( because it’s a huge difference between mine and the one from Denmark), angry people looking angry and jealous at you.I paid a visit to some friends in Bucharest and then I went home by train.I’m cheesed off with carrying all my stuffs but I guess that life is a ceaseless rush.

Now I’m relaxing in Borsa-Maramures with my parents and friends.I have never been away from Bacau during Christmas time but it’s really nice to visit new places.My mom wasn’t very keen to cook traditional food so this is a good opportunity to get free from this ‘hard work’.My Santa already came with a new camera (Nikon D3200 with 2 lenses:15-55 and 55-200).It’s a good opportunity to take photos with stunning landscapes.

I want now to have a nap and then I have to prepare for Christmas dinner.I wish you a merry Christmas and I hope that Santa is coming with many presents for you.

DSC_0474 copy

DSC_0735 copy

DSC_0856 copy

DSC_0524 copy

DSC_0479 copy


2 thoughts on “Special winter

  1. Bună, pozele tale sunt super, locurile prin care ai mers la fel(mi-au plăcut mult postările cu UK) iar felul în care te îmbraci este cel care te reprezintă și e unic. Am urmărit de ceva timp blogul tău și am o părere foarte bună despre tine și vestimentația ta. Am observat că mai sunt și comentarii negative din partea unor oameni care n-au ce face, însă nu uita, mulți oameni sunt răi și invidioși, trebuie să mergi mai departe și să încerci să-i ignori, se vor sătura într-un final. Vreau să-ți urez un Crăciun Fericit cu tot ce îți dorești, bucurii, împliniri, dragoste, noroc și toate cele bune >:D<

    1. Multumesc frumos pentru vorbele bune si cadouas:D Promit ca o sa-mi aloc si eu timp sa iti citesc blogul.Sper sa te multumesc si in continuare.Iti doresc un Craciun fericit si sa ai parte de tot ce e mai bun alaturi de cei dragi!

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