Bookworm at the moment

23days left and I’m home.I keep counting each day, but time seems to pass at a different speed, especially when you’re waiting impatientlly for something to happen.I need so bad my family, friends and obviously the Christmas atmosphere.If you had asked me what  do I think about winter time a year ago I would have answered : boring & cold.Certainly, being away from home made me to change my way of  thinking.Before taking advantage of all this holly-jolly atmosphere and presents, I have to focus on exams.I can’t wait to get rid of all this  tension and then to get some rest for almost 2 months.

Basically, I had finished with what I wanted to share with you.Maybe, I have one more thing:I’m woozy because it happened an unpleasent event lastweek.I felt down and I kinda have a problem with my it, something from my knee and I hope I won’t have to limp when I’m back home.I really need a soon recovery.

I may be daft or wrong but I’m thinking about another hair color or highlighting.What do you think?I really love my natural hair but maybe I need a change.Anyway this shouldn’t be my last worry so I have to go back to concentrate on studying.


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