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Camden Town & Portabello Road

I took into consideration your advice and I went to see Camden Town.If you want to go, Saturday and Sunday are the best days to go.I must have to say that I was suprised by its cultural diversity.Camden Town is known for its markets.You can find everything at a good price, but not necessarily good quality.My eyes and my tummy were seduced by a colourful smell of food.I was after that smell and I discovered a small street with many kinds of food  from Asia, Europe, etc.It’s improper to say that were restaurants, because people were standing up to eat.I think that’s why this place is considered as being special.I wasn’t very thunderstruck of Camden Town but has something unsual, which deserves a short visit.I felt there a huge freedom to express your  feelings without being judged.

Why I didn’t buy it?It’s such a shame…

So cheaaap!

I would like to have one!

I’m in love with this photo!

After that, I took the underground to Portabello Road or more exactly Ladbroke Grove.Portabello Road is known for second-hand clothes and antiques.I liked it more than Camden Town because I bought some nice stuffs and I met many friendly people.

Rabbit fur coat…If I had enough space in my luggage it could be mine

The day ended remarkably with a dinner with Margie’s family at an English Pub.My friend suggested a typical english meal: Buttered beer code with tartar sauce and chunky chips.It was really delicious and filling.As a dessert I had almond cherry tart with ice -cream.It was a lively and friendly atmosphere because I was able to chat with the family.


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