Around the world


Let’s get back to our business.What I  forgot to tell you?Oh yeah…I saw Jessie J during my walk on the Embankment.Initially, I didn’t have a clue who was that important person.Everyone was starring at her,she was somehow full of herself and there were also some papparazi.She was wearing sunglasses, but when she took them off I had a deja vu or smth like this.When I was reading the newspaper in the train I saw an article about Jessie J’s arrival in London.Then, I’ve found what’s o’clock and I was razzle dazzle.

A english pub where I had a cup of coffee

Victoria train station

Are you a model?You should be one.That’s what people keep repeating me that I was born for this.I am happy to be complimented like this because it brightens up my day.

I was wearing a rain jacket(Stradivarius),U.K inscription sneakers(New look), Collar Top(Primark), Red Bag(Primark), dark red leggings(Topshop).


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