Purple rain

If you were worried about how I arrived in G.B I would say that it was fine, even if I had some adventures.I will tell you more about it later.Yeah I know it’s already Wehnesday, but above all things it was weekend.I went to Aarhus with some friends because they know that there is worthy nightlife.

Firstly, we went to campus, where was a party.It was supposed to be a fabulous party as it was written on the ticket but  it turned out to be a messy one and a lot of strangers.Shortly afterwards, we decided to go downtown to a club.I was really excited to go there.When we had go inside,I remembered that I forgot my documents in the car, which was parked in the campus.Completely out of the blue,things took a turn for the worse.I think that my friend sod me a lot because I am always dizzy.The bodyguard from ‘Social Club’ was very nice to me and let me go inside without documents, but there was a private party so we moved to the next one.If I had luck on the first time I thought that it would be for the second time also, but I was all abroad and luckless.A friend was driving  me back to campus to get my documents, while  another one called and told us that they are coming back because the party has finished.We stayed up all night(till 6 am)talking and listening to music.

 Tightsssss and long legs

 Hahah good joke!

I was wearing a beige floral dress,light purple tights(both from H&M), black belt(Pull&bear) and vintage light purple clutch.Hope you like my make-up because personally, I am very proud of it and it didn’t took me long time to put it on.


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