Hot Fashion Trends

H&M Fall 2012

I was really waiting for a day like this:sun is shining,classes are over and good news are on the way.I started classes at 8:20 am,as usually,but the problem is that when I go by bike I arrive too early.For example, today I was in classroom at 8:03 and I’m not used to being so punctual. I’ve just got back from school and now I’m laying in bed and eat delicious cake made by my flatmate.We celebrated her birthday yesterday because I had also a day off school.My parents are coming tonight/in the morning so I don’t know what to do:To go to Crazy Daisy or not?I think I’m already chock-full with this, so maybe I will go with some friends to a basketball match.I heard about it here: and the clever thing is that the tickets are for free.

I’ve already made the check-in online for London.I will stay in London for 4-5 days and then in Herne-bay at a friend.I still can’t believe it and I’m happy over the moon.I didn’t pay too much attention at classes because I had to look forward a card which can help me to visit the museums at a cheaper price than the normal one.Here is the site from where you can buy online this and I think it’s really helpful.

As I promissed yesterday on Facebook,today I will introduce you to H&M trends.I actually don’t know how much I’m going to talk about it.I will let photos to talk from themselves.I would also like to help me with a problem:I’ve seen two amazing blazers,but I don’t know which one to pick out.

Yesterday’s look..I was insane to wear those light trousers because it was raining outside.

Love at first sight…printed pants

Zebra print skirt…Ps:me in the photo,not a mannequin!

Amiable dress for a romantic dinner

Maaaad leggings

My tummy is starting to make noise so I guess I should go to prepare something to eat.                                        

Dear reader,I hope you will enjoy your weekend.XOXO (old fashion,though)


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