Light rain

I’m laying in bed wrapped in two blankets.Moreover, the central heating doesn’t work so, I am going to freeze tonight.’The Weather Chanel’ says that we are dealing with a ‘light rain’,but I totally disagree because I can’t see the point of the word ‘light’.Maybe windy,stormy would be better to call it .

I was in two minds but I wanted to be challenged in the morning, so I took my bike in order to go to school.I don’t know how I succeeded but the point is that I’ve arrived on time.It was pretty funny to see the other riders climbing,while I was going relaxed down the hill and listening to music on my mp3.I had to put myself in their place because ‘What comes around goes around’.I should have known how the weather it would be like,but I stubborn to understand that it would be really difficult to me to walk 4,5 km.Today’s timetable was quite mad because we began classes at 10:20 and finished them at 16:00.In additional,my group had to stay 30 minutes more because we were forced to finish our presentation at IMS about Unilever.

-2 hours of Business Law, where I paid enough attention because it’s usually like Lil Wayne song:I tried to pay attention, but attention paid me(facebook & stuffs)

-4 hours of Organisation & Management:the differences between a group and a team,examples of teamwork and playing Lego,but with with a certain purpose.A group of 5 people with almost the same tipology( we took a test from here http://www.humanmetrics.com/ and then we compared our final results) had to build a future house,then to invent a story about their members and after that to present it in front of the class.It wasn’t that easy because before that we had a test paper with 5 questions and all the 5 answers lead to a room number.When we arrived at that room, a lady was expecting for us to respond at a question:’What are the two types of organisation?’.After solving that we started to build the house, which was actually for heroes(Superman and Powerpuff Girls) and it didn’t have any roof or door, but at least it had a pool,many windows and stairs.Besides this, we used bricks with plenty colours. 4 of us worked hard and the last one had to observe us and to jot down some critical opinions.For example,I found out that I was the most talkative,I criticized a lot but I also tried to come up with new ideas,to help the others and to take the initiative.

I will upload some photos with my house from today as soon I get them.

A short video with a great example about teamwork.

Milanese pork chop….Yummy

B’bye because it’s already getting late and I have to wake up at 6:30 am.

Good night & sweet dreams!


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